Friday, August 8, 2014

18 Months

This little munchkin is officially a nursery-bound 18 month old with growing feet!  So, maybe we celebrated with a little retail therapy.    

I have been wanting to buy her pink cowboy boots for a long time and found the perfect pair at Target, but then when we went, I found this pair which were also totes adorbs.  You can see we went with the more sophisticated pair.  We also bought the little Nome some sneakers.  Hylan quickly discovered that she loves them because they increase her speed significantly.

I tell you, this summer continues to be splendid.  I hate that everyone is talking about "back to school."  The funny thing is that I keep thinking, "oh, how great, that doesn't apply to me (snicker snicker), but then I realize for the last 6 years I've been teaching fitness classes at a University, so it DOES apply to me, but in a different way.  My back to school shopping is a few new yoga pants and tops.  HA HA.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the last few weeks.

The aforementioned Highland Splash Pad that I didn't have pictures of before:

 in. out. in. out.

 ahh, not in my face

 sun bathing rock like Ariel's

I love this fun water, Dad!

One night Naomi didn't want to go to bed and this is what the sleepy head looked like after I took out her piggy tails!  :)

Last Friday we had an impromptu family date night that ended up being spontaneously fun!  We ate at Shoots (one of my faves!), and played arcade games at the Beach Resort like Deal or No Deal, and capped it off with a Dole Whip float!  Um, yeshhhhhh pwease! 

The next day we investigated the Alpine Splash Pad.  It was fun because it felt remote and serene.  Nomie modeled her new babingsuit (yes, I meant to spell it that way).

I mean, that's precious.

Ha ha, I have so many shoe videos, but I had to round out her obsession with girly heels with her new found admiration for sneakers.  She was walking around in these until I got out my camera.  Still cute, though.

Nomie highlights:

  • Still loves shoes
  • Has discovered fruit snacks and will never refuse them :)
  • She sleeps and eats quite well (unless she is teething, then all bets are off)
  • Speaking of teething, she now has the top central and lateral incisors, and the bottom central incsiors (her first two) with the lateral incisors finally pushing through.  Sheesh, we still have a long way to go.
  • Loves playing outside (chalk, bubbles, pools, splash pads)
  • Now has separation anxiety (taking her to basketball is starting to be difficult, leaving her in Nursery is also becoming difficult, she even sheds a few tears when I leave her with Grandma. I'm hoping she breaks out of this when I start teaching again and she gets used to other company when Hylan and I are gone--it's only a couple hours). 
  • She doesn't talk (except Momma, Dadda) but she is increasing her signs every day!
  • She loves her new sign language pop-up book and asks for it every day by doing the sign for book.
  • She loves to help Swiffer the floors.  She'd help with the vacuum too, but that one doesn't work out as well.
  • She will usually sit and let me do her hair.
  • She mostly hates getting her diaper changed (unless she really needs it or she is feeling really calm).
  • Every morning she will grab her Betsy (blanket doll) and Minnie Mouse to take with her out of the crib.
  • I bought her telephone cord bracelets that she adores and rarely takes off. ($2.00 at Target for 10. Perfect size for her. They were mislabeled hair ties. Score for us.)
  • She still watches parts of Frozen and Tangled nearly every day.  

What a life!  I love my family!  And I am still loving this summer!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July, Best Month of the Year!

Oh, how I love July.  The nation's birthday.  My birthday.  Utah's "birthday."  Hot, hot, sun (air conditioning!).  Ice cream.  Swimming.  Water fun.  Flowers blooming.  BBQs.  Love it all.  I don't think there is a month when I am happier than in July.

We had an incredible 4th of July spent in Nomie's Waterpark Adventureland.

We had cousins over.  We played outside in the "pool," threw water balloons at each other, colored the concrete with chalk.  We ate shrimp, chicken, salmon, watermelon, pasta salad, veggies, chips, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cones.  We watched Tangled and The Lego Movie (and I think Nomie sneaked in some more Frozen).  "Everything is awesome!"

We were treated to the best neighborhood fireworks show I have ever witnessed.  It actually was so much, so close, so often, so big, so long, that even some of the older kids got bored.  I loved every second!  And that's why there are no more pictures because I had too much fun in the moment!

And then there was my birthday.  I turned 25 again, in case you're wondering.  It's weird how the lines in my face keep getting deeper even though I'm so young.  Hmmm...

We celebrated all week by using my birthday coupons.  To date, we've used: Rodizio, Tucanos, Dairy Queen (S'mores Blizzard!), and Noodles and Company.  We've also gotten our Pretzel Pub Chicken/Pretzel Burger fix at Wendy's.  May it never go away, we say!

Anyway, Hylan made this awesome frame and promise for my present:

Since my birthday was on a Thursday, Hylan treated me more on the Saturday after: Breakfast at Kneaders, massage at Massage Envy, pedicure at the local place, and a new Minnie Mouse t-shirt from Kohl's!  That was the day we also went to Tucanos and Dairy Queen and Naomi got to experience the Riverwoods splash pad for the first time.  

 see, I was there!
omigosh that belly! :)

In the last week and a half, we've also gone to the Highland Splash pad  twice (waterfall, river, water fountain!).  It's super nifty, so I say check it out if you're in driving distance.

And of course, no summer is complete without bubbles and chalk!  :)

And super awesome crazy baby hairdos. 

Today's triceratops do. She's currently watching Tangled, so I can crank out this blog post. What, not Frozen?  Daddy switched it out.

Too much fun!  July, don't end! :)  Can't wait for Pioneer Day!!  Happy July Everyone!  :o) 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Baby in Shoeland

Naomi loves shoes!  She loves going to the shoe bin or closet and picking out shoes either to wear or play with.  She is also well aware that putting on shoes means going outside which she also loves to do!

When we bought Naomi some new flamingo flip flops she wanted to wear them (and apparently nothing else) and practice walking in them.  You can see the video on my YouTube channel here.  

But when she puts on Mommy's heels, it's just over the top cute.  Many days I catch her doing/wearing something like this:  

It's always hard to get a good picture because you know these moments only last for so long and then the babe is off to something else, but although the above picture is a bit blurry, I think it's so funny that her little toes are peeping through one of my slide on heels.

Here is a video of her walking in the same shoe a different time and on the wrong foot, of course.

On that same day, she found some slightly more complicated heels that were fascinating to her, though not very walk-able for tiny feet.  Again with the peep toe, I die I die.

Baby dolls girls are so sweet. Sugar and spice and everything nice!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to Eat an Ice Cream Cone (in 11 easy steps)

This is the story of how to eat an ice cream cone by Naomi Evelyn Harper.

Step 1: Take a big bite out of the middle of the cone!  Yum.

Step 2: Keep gnawing the cone (ignoring the ice cream because it's too cold).

 Step 3: Contemplate what action to take next.

Step 4: Lick fingers. (I've got this!)

Step 5: Try new approach--eat cone upside down!

Step 6: Just keep eating! (think Dory voice "just keep swimming")

Step 7: Offer mommy some.

Step 8: Ice cream painting!

Step 9: Push ice cream out and peer through the empty cone.

Step 10: Discover a new way to eat ice cream via the dip method.


Step 11: Place cone in empty bowl and declare "all done."  (She was actually doing the sign for "all done" not waving goodbye like it looks like.)

It's as simple as that folks.  Nomie "told" me it's how the kids eat their cones these days.  Oh, kids.  Every new generation trying to reinvent the wheel.

The End.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Consequences of Traveling So Much

Okay, so it has been a while.

See, what ha-happened was...a lot of traveling.

And then after all that traveling, a lot of sickness!  Baby girl had "hand foot mouth," then I was sick with a fever and sore throat for over a week.  Then after we started feeling better, baby got sick again (fever, throwing up).

I realized yesterday that this week I hadn't been out of the house, except to take the trash out a few times, since Sunday afternoon. So, we got out of the house to go to the grocery store.  And baby was whiny the whole time.

After that, I put the groceries away and started to prep dinner while she whined and whined until this happened:

I mean.

Poor girl.

She had had no rhythm or routine since Sunday, so I was not necessarily encouraging a second nap, since she was keeping us up at night.  I guess she took the matter into her own hands.  

Oh, yeah, plus she is getting at least 4 teeth!  And she is NOT happy about it.

Is this normal?  She cut her first two around 8 months, the next two a couple months later.  And then nothing for at least five months.  Now at least four are coming in that I can see/feel.  I wouldn't be surprised if there are more.

I don't think being sick twice in a few weeks and getting multiple teeth makes for a happy girl.  But I sure look forward to my happy, joy-loving and joy-giving girl to return soon.

I have great intentions to blog about our Disney trip and then my epic East Coast jaunt with Naomi.  And also Thanksgiving 2013.  But for now, we're trying to fully recover and make some time to do something fun.

Like this quick visit to the zoo last Saturday.

Hylan has been working crazy hours including Saturdays, so we squeezed this excursion in before the second illness struck Nomie.  Too bad all the big kitties were sleeping (and so was Naomi most of the time). I really like  Hogle Zoo though.  Cute, small, easy to navigate, nestled in a sweet little Utah spot.  

Now, I have to put "Frozen" on for the 13th time this week (how many total does that make since it came out?).  Yup.  That's what got us through some long nights and whiny mornings.  No other movie will satisfy! Olaf makes everyone happy!  

And hopefully, Naomi will like food again.  *sigh.  She was such a great eater before.